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Conflict pt 1


A bunch of people may think this is anti Semitic but I can honestly say i don’t care. I’m going to talk about the Israel/Palestinian conflict. But first, History!

In 1917 the Balfour Declaration was sent to Baron Rothschild by Arthur Balfour informing him of the British Government’s support of a Jewish state in the all ready inhabited Palestine region, then a British colony. The people already living in the region weren’t particularly happy about it unless they were Zionists, who believe they are entitled to those lands because they are Jewish.
In 1945 American President Franklin D. Roosevelt reassured the inhabitants of Palestine that the US would not interfere without consulting The Palestinians, both Jewish and Muslim(not sure about Christians, pagans and Atheists were on the down low) By that time The British were now opposed to a Jewish state and unregulated refugees the the region.
1946 Harry Truman establishes a committee lead by Henry F. Grady to work with a British committee. Truman recommended 100,000 refugees be allowed into the colony and approved of a Jewish state.
1947 The UN decided on a partition Palestine in the Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution)to be enacted in 1948
1948 the Jewish state is established and recognized by the West and Palestine is separated from itself with Jerusalem in international control for awhile.

Notice anyone missing?

Creation of Israel

Balfour Declaration


Why don’t they learn English?


This is going to be an immigration post written from A white American’s point of view.  Now that my cred is screwed I’m going to write my peace.  I’m going to be writing legal and illegal immigration why it doesn’t bother me to much.  i don’t expect to change minds.

The fist thing I’m going to write about is “Why don’t they speak English?”  .  Some people believe it should be mandatory for people to learn English to get citizenship.  That would make sence except one minor thing, English isn’t America’s official language.  The US doesn’t have one.  There are many movements to change that,  Some of these have succeeded on a state level.  I admit it makes sense to conduct all proceedings in on language, definitely more efficient.  I have no problems with people learning English, It just doesn’t bother me when I hear other languages(usually Spanish).  My mom however works in retail, I’m sure I would feel the same.  Fortunately, their kids usually know English and are able to translate.  That written down I do have a knee jerk reaction to the question.  That is, Why don’t you learn – insert indigenous language here”.  It might be kind of fun if it’s not all ready extinct.

I just found out that there are recent anti legal immigration groups, I know slow.  Their main platform appears to be jobs, understandable there aren’t as much as there should be.  “Let’s reduce mass immigration and save jobs for Americans,” Valid point. In fact that’s what they always say in their propaganda. It would be true if education was more valued in the states. That would mean that there would be enough Americans to fill the positions .  But there aren’t enough skilled Americans yet so workers are imported.

Maybe that’s why college is so expensive.

Instead of complaining about people doing a less violent version of what our ancestors did, maybe we should be holding ourselves to a higher standard so we can compete.

More to come