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Conflict pt 1


A bunch of people may think this is anti Semitic but I can honestly say i don’t care. I’m going to talk about the Israel/Palestinian conflict. But first, History!

In 1917 the Balfour Declaration was sent to Baron Rothschild by Arthur Balfour informing him of the British Government’s support of a Jewish state in the all ready inhabited Palestine region, then a British colony. The people already living in the region weren’t particularly happy about it unless they were Zionists, who believe they are entitled to those lands because they are Jewish.
In 1945 American President Franklin D. Roosevelt reassured the inhabitants of Palestine that the US would not interfere without consulting The Palestinians, both Jewish and Muslim(not sure about Christians, pagans and Atheists were on the down low) By that time The British were now opposed to a Jewish state and unregulated refugees the the region.
1946 Harry Truman establishes a committee lead by Henry F. Grady to work with a British committee. Truman recommended 100,000 refugees be allowed into the colony and approved of a Jewish state.
1947 The UN decided on a partition Palestine in the Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution)to be enacted in 1948
1948 the Jewish state is established and recognized by the West and Palestine is separated from itself with Jerusalem in international control for awhile.

Notice anyone missing?

Creation of Israel

Balfour Declaration


Another child


3 year old Mayouna Smith of Amherst Ny was murdered last weekend. Immediately people are calling out CPS as a failure. CPS or Child Protective Services in Erie County(where her death took place)Like every were else, needs updated, I’ll admit that.

People are overlooking something. This happens in a lot of domestic violence situations.

First is the fact that Mayouna’s killer chose to hurt her. That is, instead of learning positive ways to deal with their shit, they chose to hurt those that love them. An abuser doesn’t have to be an abuser,once they realize that they are a threat they can do whatever it takes to be better people. This person chose not too.

Next is the mother.  I give her a little less blame due to her apparent situation(as long as she didn’t kill her daughter) As the mother of Mayoura she had responsibility to protect her offspring. To some extent I understand why she didn’t do that. There was an infant in the house hold, perhaps she was protecting that child. Their is also a big possibility that she feared the consequences of leaving. Its not hard to track a person down and she probably wouldn’t have gotten much help from the authorities. Odds would have been good that she may have been hunted down and killed(now you know one of the reasons people don’t leave). She still had a job to do

There is also the system aside from CPS. You get the courage to finally press charges and your told that your torture isn’t worth their time because you didn’t die or come close. If they do choose to go after the abuser they only get a half ass sentence but before that they get out on bail. They are also angry, maybe enough to “convince”you to drop charges or just kill you. If you keep you head down you may just survive so you stay and that is used against you too if you decide to press charges. The systems treatment of survivors reduces the likelihood of them leaving.

When the story of Mayoura’s death broke it was said that neighbors heard a girl screaming and a man yelling.  That in itself is abuse especially since she was 3 years old, she probably had no idea what he was saying. The people heard the screaming just heard her screaming. That’s it. They probably heard her being killed and chose to do nothing. Not even call the police and check on the screaming girl. Check on because their was a terrified child screaming and the police can’t instantaneously transport places and people should be willing to do whatever necessary to protect children.

So, in summery, CPS isn’t the only one that failed, in fact, they have no records in Erie county of even receiving a report. That would mean the entire community failed directly and indirectly to save, not only Mayoura Smith. 


Mayoura Smith(2012-2014)

Abdifatah “Abdi” Mohamud(2003-2012)

Eain Brooks(2009-2013)


WTF(Possible triggers)




I hate double standards, for example I was on and I came upon “Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male”  Reminded me of me of the toons I watched when I was a kid.  Girls would hit guys for comic relief.  So is Female on male rape.  

Again, WTF.

And people say we don’t encourage rapists in out culture. 

Women are terrified to come forward when this shit happens to us, we are blamed, disowned, re-victimized.  SO are men, difference is men are supposed to be dominant, a thing from the old days when guys could do anything sexually but be submissive.  They would suffer not only trauma but ostracism.

Bull Shit.

People also believe that women can’t rape men because we are innies and they’re outies.  News flash.  A guy can get a hard on if they want to or not.  I’m not just talking about morning wood here, stimulation does the trick.  It’s an involuntary reaction.

More importantly, it’s not funny or okay.


Don’t care how much of a playboy he is. 

They aren’t being jerks, cheating, or cooperating.  It shouldn’t be ignored.

The rapists are sex offenders no matter their gender.




After Silence

For Male Surviviors

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Recent news stuff


So even if I’m physically healthy I am diseased anyway now.  At least thanks to “Obamacare” I can’t be rejected due to my weight.  And the wonder why fat people are more likely to be depressed, how would you feel bombarded with the crap we are, now this.

Apparently there are protests in N.Carolina in an attempt to stop austerity.  Austerity is proven ineffective so understandably people don’t want it.  I guess the Greeks and Spaniards weren’t loud enough.

A lot of DOMA or Defense of Marriage Act has finally been struck down in the Supreme Court.  Score one more for civil rights.  For those unfamiliar, basically it’s saying that two consenting adults can’t marry due to being the same gender.  No idea how people getting married endangers marriage.  For a country that prohibits making laws that favor any religion over another the people who tried to pass DOMA/Prop 8 seem to think Jesus is upset.

In Texas Senate bill 5 failed to pass thanks to the hard work of Senators Wendy Davis who Filibustered the crap out of it,  Leticia Van de Putte (D) who left her father’s funeral to support her and an “unruly mob”.  Senate Bill 5 intended to make it virtually impossible to run abortion clinics in Texas.  This was with  Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the acting Senate president attempting to skip over and ignore their inquiries.  This might seem like a bad thing to some but I believe woman/couples should have the right to choose.

Obama apparently addressed the American people on climate change on the 25th too.  The best coverage was by The Weather Channel.

Lastly a civil rights attorney, Lynne Stewart, who received 10 yrs for the non-violent crime on distributing press releases of a criminal serving life is being denied proper medical treatment and early release to be with her family as she dies of cancer.