Dad watched a tv show last night that had some guy saying another guy hates America because he’s called out some of the Americans sins.  Look, here’s the deal,  It doesn’t mean he hates America, It means he’s aware of our history. 

As an American I admit my country is a great country, even if we are letting a lot of out rights away. Not just the 2nd amendment everyone is so fond of protecting, probably why not much has been done to take our guns away.  Turns out there are other ones.

Thing is, We can make our country better by knowing all of the past, even the crappy parts.  I don’t mean by getting bitter and vengeful, are hard thing not to be. Did you know back in the day Indian reservations were basically concentration camps?  Japanese internment? Tuskegee Experiment? Instead of being bitter we can remember the consequences of not having our rights and protect them better.  We can be grateful for what we have and what others have given to get us to this point.

Speaking of America’s mistakes isn’t hating America, it may cause some hatred in some people. It may also teach us important lessons to make our country better



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  1. Definitely! I agree whole heartedly. Understanding and accepting that we’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean that we’re not patriotic. It means that we are aware of reality. It’s like an alcoholic taking the first step to solve their problem – acceptance of the problem. America has such a bloody past in terms of the genocide and internment of the native population, the enslavement of Africans, segregation, police brutality, war, etc.

    But we’re also a great place for freedom (2nd amendment rights), less internet policing than other places in the world, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and a love for independence, working hard and getting things done ourselves. We’re a nation of pioneers and immigrants. Different folks with different strokes, but we all got to work together and understand one another if we are to keep this nation together.

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