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WTF(Possible triggers)




I hate double standards, for example I was on and I came upon “Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male”  Reminded me of me of the toons I watched when I was a kid.  Girls would hit guys for comic relief.  So is Female on male rape.  

Again, WTF.

And people say we don’t encourage rapists in out culture. 

Women are terrified to come forward when this shit happens to us, we are blamed, disowned, re-victimized.  SO are men, difference is men are supposed to be dominant, a thing from the old days when guys could do anything sexually but be submissive.  They would suffer not only trauma but ostracism.

Bull Shit.

People also believe that women can’t rape men because we are innies and they’re outies.  News flash.  A guy can get a hard on if they want to or not.  I’m not just talking about morning wood here, stimulation does the trick.  It’s an involuntary reaction.

More importantly, it’s not funny or okay.


Don’t care how much of a playboy he is. 

They aren’t being jerks, cheating, or cooperating.  It shouldn’t be ignored.

The rapists are sex offenders no matter their gender.




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