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I don’t get it

Men and women are sexually assaulted, even raped in the military by their fellows.  As often happens the survivors are blamed, in a recent attack a young woman was asked if she was wearing underwear.   How would her attackers would even know!? 

I’ve never been a member of a branch of the military but many of my relatives have.  Knowing that they could not trust the people who were supposed to watch their back doesn’t sit well with me. Neither does knowing that this may have happened to them.  Especially after many critics accuse survivors of treason and damaging morale. 

I know they are investigating but they don’t appear to be very good at it.  Investigators are supposed to be neutral, not trying to make the attacks the victims fault.  One investigator even turned out to be a perpetrator.

I don’t know ha the Military sees as treason or even terror but I do know that by its vary nature rape is both.  Why is that so hard to see.  I know sexual assault is hard to prove but once it is, the people, no matter the gender, who turn against their own team mates in order to satisfy some sense of entitlement, should be seen as an enemy agent and treated as such.

Why aren’t they?