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So even if I’m physically healthy I am diseased anyway now.  At least thanks to “Obamacare” I can’t be rejected due to my weight.  And the wonder why fat people are more likely to be depressed, how would you feel bombarded with the crap we are, now this.

Apparently there are protests in N.Carolina in an attempt to stop austerity.  Austerity is proven ineffective so understandably people don’t want it.  I guess the Greeks and Spaniards weren’t loud enough.

A lot of DOMA or Defense of Marriage Act has finally been struck down in the Supreme Court.  Score one more for civil rights.  For those unfamiliar, basically it’s saying that two consenting adults can’t marry due to being the same gender.  No idea how people getting married endangers marriage.  For a country that prohibits making laws that favor any religion over another the people who tried to pass DOMA/Prop 8 seem to think Jesus is upset.

In Texas Senate bill 5 failed to pass thanks to the hard work of Senators Wendy Davis who Filibustered the crap out of it,  Leticia Van de Putte (D) who left her father’s funeral to support her and an “unruly mob”.  Senate Bill 5 intended to make it virtually impossible to run abortion clinics in Texas.  This was with  Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the acting Senate president attempting to skip over and ignore their inquiries.  This might seem like a bad thing to some but I believe woman/couples should have the right to choose.

Obama apparently addressed the American people on climate change on the 25th too.  The best coverage was by The Weather Channel.

Lastly a civil rights attorney, Lynne Stewart, who received 10 yrs for the non-violent crime on distributing press releases of a criminal serving life is being denied proper medical treatment and early release to be with her family as she dies of cancer.



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