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Shooters:an opinion.


EVERYONE ,in America at least has heard of the Sandy Hook massacre and I’m going to write my peace.

This attack is one of the 62 mass shootings in the last 30 years in United States alone  and the dude that did it is kind of average for a shooter, most are white males with legally purchased guns.  ALL, despite the way the media describes them,(they were careful not to call him that) are terrorists.  All of them are weak, that’s why they did it.

As with many shooters, people are trying to understand that person.  Something that separates them from us.  Many have been found to have been treated for mental illness.  Well guess what? I have a mental illness so do 26%(give or take) of Americans, and that’s just the people who get treated.  That’s a lot of people who are a part of the general population, people with mental illness are not a “them”

Many shooters were bullied or perceived that they were. So were about 2.8 million other people, it’s actually one of the reason some bring a gun to school or skip school all together. Kids who are bullied are twice as likely to kill a fellow student.  It is still rare and most don’t enjoy it enough to kill everyone else.  In fact, people who are bullied are more likely to kill themselves because they can’t see any other way to escape.

The people who kill are human beings, like us, only weaker.  A person often feels weak when they happen to have mental illness or are bullied but these people let it overtake them and in turn, they choose to kill.  It’s part of our culture and a horrible symptom of a bigger problem.