Talking politics


Of course Facebook is full of people bitching about how America is dead.  No offence to most of my relatives but if we can survive a civil war, we can survive another four years of Obama.  I actually agree with a lot of his stuff, for example women should be able to have access to birth-control and abortion, consenting adults should be able to get married.  These are actually some of why others don’t want him around.

Here is why I don’t mind these things,not just because I’m an adult woman either.  Birth control, kids are expensive and so are women’s products, often more so then men’s.  I also believe a woman should have the choice whether to risk her life by becoming pregnant.  Seriously, it’s dangerous, mothers die 21/100,000 births in the US as of 2010, causes are generally hemorrhaging, eclempcia, infections, unsafe abortions, obstructed birth, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, etc.  That’s a lot to take into consideration if a person wants to have a kid or see a pregnancy through and put the child up for adoption.  Then there is if a person can afford it, even if said parents are together in most house holds both have to work to feed the kids and themselves.  Birth control is also used to treat ailments too. 

Why don’t I promote celibacy? Because that isn’t always in our control. 

Abortion is a little more complicated as I know the fetus is going to be a human.  My reasons for being okay with is are the same for contraception, which isn’t 100%.Making abortion illegal is no were near pro life.  Think about it, in countries were it is illegal thousands of women are rendered infertile or die.  That’s why I’m okay with birth-control, sex ed reduces abortion too.

Obama decided to support same sex marriage, if I remember right.  This is something I agree with too.  I believe that we should all have equal rights and no one os a second class citizen.  What consenting adults do with each other is not for politics to decide.  It always confused me why others would think it was their business, especially a group of who say they want to make the government smaller.

Congratulations Obama and quit whining and make some jobs guys. (not Obama’s fault by the way)



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