Getting on the band wagon


Okay, everyone knows about the tragedy in Aurora, the entertainment media is milking it for all it’s worth.  The gun lovers on Facebook are getting defensive and the gun haters are doing their I told you so’s.  Either way everyone there appears to be focusing on the tool and the alleged perp then the families who’ve lost some one.  I’m afraid I’m doing the same.

Only a little different. 

I’m going to write about guns in America. 

They’re what’s cool, the second amendment is our most beloved amandments. I garantee that any American you’ll meet will know about that ona and not say, the 14th.  TThey’re fanaticle about the 2nd Amendment even.  I kave no problem with the Second Amendment.

Let’s get things straight, guns are a tool. That’s it, that’s all they are.  Contrary to  what gun lovers say, there is nothing special about them.  They won’t stop you from being robbed or protect your family.  Think about it, how often is a person home when their house is broken into?  Any remember Fort Hood?  Pretty sure some of the people there had guns, 12/13 people still ended up dead.  Their are other weapons to use, guns are not a fail safe.  Especially if a person doesn’t have the killing intent to back it up.

That said, access to guns is not the cause of all these shootings. Take the massacre in Norway, a country with a total ban on  automatics and any gun over a certain calibre. This didn’t prevent Utoya.  The problem is the state of mind of the assailant.  Mass shooters are obviously in an altered state where what their doing is some how justified.  Gun’s are just a flamboyant tool to express their ire or get attention.


Constitution of the United States



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