Prayer in schools


Watched a music video called “why I Pray”. and it inspired me.  Prayer in school doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is the lack of choice and the fact that half the people I know think it some sort of law enforcement.

People actually blame the behavior of kids on taking religion out of schools instead if, you know, the  kids and the people who are suposed to teach them right from wrong.(insert blaming stigma on spanking)  Prayer only only stalls them until no ones looking.  Especially if their required to do it.

The not having a choice thing I’m referring to is the freedom to choose what and who they pray to.  Take me for example.  I’m a Northern tradition Pagan, I’m not going to feel comfortable thanking Jesus, Odin sure, but what are the odds I’d be sent to the principles office. Or worse(In my case I was spit on, name called, had half eaten food thrown at me) 

  Rough draft

Unless all religions are welcome in public school none should be. 


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  1. I’m opposed to class-led school prayer in general (at least, in public schools) because it really is impossible to accommodate everyone. What if they decided that the only Heathen prayer they would say was one to Odin? I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable, to say nothing of the agnostics, atheists, and other “nones”. Let students pray on their own time, maybe in small groups of like-minded peers, but IMO, I think prayer is best said at home or with one’s coven/kindred/grove//whatever, or quietly, so it isn’t disruptive to anyone. I don’t really understand people who make their religion into a spectator sport (especially Christians, when Jesus actually told them to NOT make a spectacle of themselves).

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