Angry at my dad for no reason?


Sitting on the couch typing away as my dad uses his spoon to push the cereal around so that milk gets on all of it.  The sound and smell of the crappy “chocolate” cereal makes me want to swear at him.  Then mom comes in and does the same thing.  This anger is unreasonable.  But then haven’t had my meds in 2 weeks.

On a positive note I kept my mouth shut when mom said she doesn’t understand why he still gets blood clots.  I wanted to thow the bag of chips at her but i didn’t.  Dad’s on blood thinners but he counters them with chips, sausage, “tea”, M&Ms, ect.  So basically, he’s getting blood clots for the same reason It’s almost impossible for me to stick to eating healthy for more than a week.  He doesn’t take care of himself and he doesn’t want to. And when he’s confronted about it he gets defensive.

You see, I don’t have a job yet so I rely on my parents for food and they usually go shopping with out me.  Sometimes he tries to get healthy food, buying skim and 2% so i have an option, i am grateful for that.  he buys fruit too, the same kind every time but still.  Since I choose that when i have an option, the fruit doesn’t last long.  So I’m left with crap that sucks what little energy I have left.

Instead of restocking the fruits and veggies he comes home with chips, or worse ice-cream or/and M&Ms(which I crave) It disgusts me but since it’s what we have to eat I get sucked into it again.

Of course some of ou might be thinking, get a job.

To which I ask..

You hiring?

I’ve put my application in every where, McDonald’s, Tops, Wal-Mart, TJ Max, Chautauqua County Humane Society, Country Fair, Arby’s, Big Lots, Dollar tree, Dollar General, JC Penny.  For a good 12 or so years.  3 interviews, 3!  Two at Wal-mart, the first time I was excepted but before I could go to my orientation, a hiring freeze.  The Second time I wasn’t cheerful enough.  Don’t even know what the problem was at Wendy’s.

apparently there’s something wrong with me.


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