Racism and me


Watching a documentary called “The Angry Eye”  it showed what happened when you take away a person’s privilege to be ignorant. Wow, spine tingling.  It made me think, as it was supposed to.  I’m not going to say I don’t discriminate, that I’m not racist, I have my moments.  We all do.

I don’t want to feel those feelings but they’ve been taught for so long that they still creep up, It’s natural, The movie brought back some memories and feelings too.  For example, “I don’t see color.”  I hear that and I want to throw something,unless it’s on the Colbert Report.   It’s like they don’t even notice the irony of what they said.  Personally, I see color, I’m not afraid to admit it.  I practically glow in the dark, so it’s not to hard to see when someone is darker than me, even most white people are darker than me .  When it comes down to it, though, I don’t care how dark you, I guess I’m supposed to, buuuut, I don’t.

When I was younger I watched the Tyra Banks Show.  I loved the episodes that took on serious issues.  Many times it was about race, Like how different ethnic groups are treated.  sometimes it was about men and women who hated others from the same ethnic group as them.  That’s right, they convinced themselves that other people where superior to their own.  Hitler would be proud.

I was confused, what was wrong with dark skin and curly hair?  I still think those features are beautiful.  I believe this would be this white privilege I unwittingly grew up with.  I am not ashamed of this view, now that I’m older, I get it though.

I watch tv, guess who’s not equally represented?  People of color, for one, when someone is shown they are usually Light skinned, lightened, straight hair, and if they’re a dude they look suspiciously like a stereotypical hood rat. I have nothing against people who chose to make themselves up like that, I just think that variety would be nice.  Since everything is pretty uniform the next step is to view people who don’t fit the mold as ugly.

Then they brought up reverse racism   I couldn’t help but think,’ why would the opposite of racism be bad?..  I listened to the description and was like, wait,, what?  That’s racism!   Yes, it’s directed towards white people, and there are more  excuses to justify it, but it is still raceism.  I get why it’s “reverse racism” though. Most of the time when we hear of racism it’s a white supremacist going on about crap the people they blame have no control.  So I guess it’s the reverse of that. Heres the thing, bigot is still a bigot.


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