A Letter to the people who think it’s our job to prevent our rapes.


I saw a picture of Facebook of a woman holding a sign.  It said, “We need feminism because we live in a culture that says don’t get raped instead of don’t rape.”  That didn’t bother me, it is true after all as evidenced by every rape trail ever.  What bothered me was some of the responses.

They usually started out as “Rape is bad but”….

Suddenly the sign was radical feminist whining.  Then the survivor blaming, “women shouldn’t but themselves into a situation to be raped.” A good point except for one tiny detail.


Where are we supposed to go?

Men, woman, intersex people,and children are usually attacked by people the know, so that leaves out home or a friend’s house.  Can’t hang out in a crowd in hopes it would deter an attacker, human nature makes people reluctant to help and it could lead to getting gang raped.  Not dress provocatively?  Women in Burqas have been raped so completely covering ourselves won’t work neither do the blankets people used to cover themselves while they’re sleeping.

Certain actions do reduce the chances of attack but it’s ALWAYS there.  No where is safe well almost nowhere, most of can’t afford to live alone in the void of space.  Since that’s the case the only thing we can do is enjoy ourselves and, should we come in contact with a predator, hope we have what it takes to be a survivor.

So, unless you guys are going to pay for space travel, you can kiss my ass.  I’m living my life .


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