Okay,I know I don’t have a save the world complex or and urge to make up for being “white”, there is just some stuff I don’t like.  Bullies, for one, not because it is now cool to be anti-bully but because I had to put up with them in school.  Feminism, not because I hate men but because I’ve been discriminated against for being female.  Speaking out against rape and sexual assault, This was also brought on by experience.  Speaking out against animal abuse, this is because animals have saved me on more than one occasion.

Bullying, to me takes multiple forms.  Taking away the rights of another in how I define it and it is a form of terrorism.  There is a reason children are too afraid to go to school.  It can change the very make up of a person’s brain, causing them to be more likely to commit suicide.  Examples of bullies other than the ones I just sort of mentioned, are those violently opposed of something.  Not so much their opposition but the way they express it.  Certain people need not crash a soldiers funeral, they need not rape to attempt change a person’s sexuality, ect.  When it comes down to it these people are bullies

It is these bullies who triggered feminism.  To me feminism is women who know that they are equal to men and demand  that equality.  My interest was encouraged by a college text-book. Apparently, on average, a college educated person makes more money.  What got to me was the fact that even though a woman was making more money but still only half that as men.  For the same work.  In fact a recent bill was supposed to eliminate that gap but it was blocked. There are more laws to regulate a woman’s body then a man’s, birth control for example.  This is not right.

Sexual assault is  also a tool used by bullies.  This is an experience that happens to men, women, intersexed, young, old, rich, poor.  It even happened to me once, in front of witnesses, one who laughed at me and the other who tried to ignore it.  I can identify how people feel  and no one should feel that.  It is something I will always speak out against as it is preventable.  It will always happen but it can be reduced through education and actually punishing the idiots that do it.  They are not entitled and there are better ways to deal with stress.

Animal Abuse sometimes makes me feel like a hypocrite in some cases, like cock-fighting.  I eat chicken and more often than not these birds are kept in horrible living condition, it’s just as inhumane and cock-fighting.  But I won’t stop, if it wasn’t for animals I’d be dead of suicide.  I owe them a debt of gratitude, we all do. I definitely wasn’t the one pulling plows, killing pests, offering companionship, letting  people take my milk, or helping our ancestors hunt.

Lastly is mental illness, something I know a lot about having been diagnosed with clinical depression when I was ten.  Mental illness is usually the butt of a joke.  It’s something people try to ignore by self medicating, usually with drugs, due to denial.  It is nothing to be ashamed, it is not a sign of weakness, contagious, or uncontrollable.  I will be writing on all this.


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